Product Care

Understanding the workings of resin and care tips will help your pieces last longer. Elements like heat, sunlight, and water affect them differently. Please read the following to gain a little more insight on how to take care of your pieces. 


  • Store your jewelry, coasters, and other resin pieces out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the resin to discolour and soften.
  • According to ArtResin, "the maximum temperature that cured ArtResin can tolerate is 120F or 50C. At temperatures as high as that, the cured pieces may become a little flexible but once they cool off, they will harden up once again."
  • The heat generated from hot mugs won't damage the resin surface on a coaster. But if your cured resin is exposed to temperatures over 120F or 50C, it could cause irreparable damage.


  • Resin is water resistant but not waterproof. If you're wearing some of my earrings I suggest removing them whilst showering, washing up, swimming, etc.

Food Safety

  • Cured ArtResin can be safely used as a food contact surface. This means that when cured, ArtResin will not leach any substances into food that comes into contact with it.


  • For pieces like charcuterie boards, cleaning is quite simple. All you need to do is clean your pieces with mild soap and lukewarm water.